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I'm a creative consultant, business storyteller & writer based in London. I've written for The Financial Times, British Airways Business Life and Monocle. Clients include The World Economic Forum.

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The Financial Times

Dawn of the devoted all-rounder -

In 2007, Moshe Braun was a self-employed graphic designer in London. When the recession hit, he knew he had to diversify

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The Financial Times

Creative thinking out loud -

Len Kendall is at his desk in Chicago thinking through the sales strategy for his start­up CentUp, a business that facilitates donations to online content creators – such as bloggers, photographers and illustrators – and charities.

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The Financial Times

First Person: 'I give advice to strangers' -

First Person: 'I give advice to strangers' -

The Financial Times

Tired of noisy pubs? Join the techies drinking at their desks -

Tired of noisy pubs? Join the techies drinking at t...

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The Financial Times

From sideline to livelihood -

In a warehouse on a former pig farm in rural England, Matt Lane is packing up boxes of beer. The...

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The Financial Times

How to bridge a cultural ocean -

On the 24th floor of a building on New York’s Avenue Of The Americas, a group of British entrepreneurs is...

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The Financial Times

Got spare desk space? Share it with a lonely freelancer -

There’s a new face at the offices of Hort in Berlin’s Hagelberger Strasse. But Mark Prendergast does not work for...

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The Financial Times

How to keep your indie soul -

It is Monday lunchtime in London’s Soho and there is a line of people waiting outside Honest Burgers on Meard...

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The Financial Times

Sales straight from the source -

In a hot and sweaty basement in Brighton, on the English south coast, visitors to The Great Escape music festival...

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The Financial Times

Technology’s gender barrier -

Man’s world: entrepreneur Sarah Parmenter, centre, is a sought-after voice at tech conferences but says she is one of only a few women in attendance
It is a crisp, bright November afte...

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The Financial Times

The lure of the water cooler -

Maria Popova could base herself just about anywhere that has a decent desk and quality WiFi. In fact, the curator and editor of the Brain Pickings website has chosen Studiomates – a Brooklyn co-working space inhabited by designers, illustrators,

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The Financial Times

Workplace perks that pay off -

Ryan Carson is at his desk in Portland, Oregon. As chief executive of Treehouse, a business that makes and sells...

The Financial Times

The need for speed -

The business world is fixated upon the next “big idea” – whether it’s creating a new product or innovating a fresh approach. But while an idea can be the oxygen that every business...

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The Financial Times

The right medium is part of the message

Picture perfect: former US vice-president Al Gore was lauded for his use of images in ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, above, but when visuals are not used well, it can complicate the message
The Apple...

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The Financial Times

The search for another hit

This will freak your mind,” promises Dave Stewart as he sends me a Tweet from his Los Angeles office, where he is chief exe...