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I'm a creative consultant, business storyteller & writer based in London. I've written for The Financial Times, British Airways Business Life and Monocle. Clients include The World Economic Forum.

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19 quotes on gender parity from Davos 2015 - Agenda - The World ...

19 quotes on gender parity from Davos 2015 - Agenda...

The Financial Times

Dawn of the devoted all-rounder -

In 2007, Moshe Braun was a self-employed graphic designer in London. When the recession hit, he knew he had to diversify

Davos content factory 1024x693 article

Behind the scenes at the Davos content factory - Agenda

An article for the World Economic Forum's blog 'Agenda'

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Four digital stars who made social media their business

Social media platforms such as Vine, YouTube and Instagram have created lucrative career opportunities for a new tribe of online stars. Ian Sanders asked four of them to tell their stories.

Test article

17 quotes on the future of technology from Davos 2015 - Agenda - The World Economic Forum

Key quotes from the sessions, In Tech We Trust and The Future of the Digital Economy at Davos 2015....

18 quotes on the global economy

18 quotes on the global economy from Davos 2015

15 things you need to know about Davos 2015 - Agenda - The World ...

The 45th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum takes place in Davos, Switzerland from 21-24 January 2015. Here are fifteen things to know about this year’s meeting.

Rough trade 1 article

The Rough Guide To Retail

Step inside Rough Trade's new store in the creative quarter of Nottingham, a city in the English midlands, and it feels unlike any other of the long-established retailer’s outlets. Last year the company opened a vast store in Brooklyn; this one couldn't be more different.

Ideas on paper 1 article

Ideas On Paper

Alex Smith started his career working for big London retailers like Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, yet his ambition was always to open his own shop. In March 2014, he did just that.

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The Financial Times

Creative thinking out loud -

Len Kendall is at his desk in Chicago thinking through the sales strategy for his start­up CentUp, a business that facilitates donations to online content creators – such as bloggers, photographers and illustrators – and charities.

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The Financial Times

First Person: 'I give advice to strangers' -

First Person: 'I give advice to strangers' -

Brits doing business in the USA

As more and more UK business ventures expand across the Atlantic to America, a few culture clashes and lessons in a new kind of business are inevitable. Ian Sanders talks to five Brits who have gone stateside

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Irish Independent

What it means to be Irish in a global business world -

Earlier this year, in honour of Saint Patrick's Day, Margaret Molloy asked a sample of her Irish connections around the world a simple question: 'What does it mean to be Irish in business?' Ms Molloy has been based in the US since she graduated from Harvard in 1993. Today she lives and works in New York where she is global chief marketing officer at Siegel+Gale, a brand strategy firm.

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Irish Independent

'The sheer scale of the opportunity is enormous' -

The new wave of Irish entrepreneurs is hitting foreign shores

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British Airways Business Life: Crowdfunding success stories

As banks have become more nervous about lending money, budding entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to a more democratised method of raising cash. ‘Crowdfunding' comes in many forms and offers varying rewards for investors, says Ian Sanders